Biotech Innovators and Economic Impact 

Animal models are bought by laboratories and research departments to be studied and examined for the discoveries of many cures. We use them for researching human disease, drug discovery, and biomanufacturing.

There is a wide variety of animal model researchers, consumers, and producers. Universities and Medical Centers are usually referred to as the researchers and consumers of animal models because they insert a viral gene into the animal model to see how the animal reacts, and try to find the right cure to the virus or disease. There are also companies that insert viral infections or diseases into animals like mice, rats, zebrafish, dogs, and monkeys. These animal models are then sold to departments where they will try to find a cure for the disease.

A company named IBT BioServices is a collaborative research organization that creates and produces animal models for other companies that are willing to find cures, vaccines, therapeutics, and medicines for many diseases. When IBT has a client, the client's project manager has meetings to provide updates, data reports, and forecasts of completion of studies for the project that they are working on. IBT provides the client with the animal model that fits that fits the specific project that they are working on upon request of the client (

ImQuest BioSciences Inc is another research organization that produces and develops viruses and drugs. ImQuest is partnered up with IBT because it develops the viruses and drugs that IBT inserts into their animal models. ImQuest are also interactive with their clients so that they can all speed drug development in the best way (

 The last partnership with IBT BioServices is a bio-maker based drug development facility, Noble Life Sciences. Noble Life offers cellular and animal based disease models for early stage drug and diagnostic product development.

One of their services include biomaking animal models, as well as other services to do with drug discovery (

The FDA, also known as the US Food and Drug Administration, ensures the safety, quality, and effectiveness of pharmaceuticals, biologicals, and medical devices intended for human use. The FDA also requires the use of an amount of animals for drug testing. "The Animal Rule" is a regulation of the FDA that states whether or not animals are allowed to be used as models for finding cures and drugs for different illnesses. These cures or drugs would have to be based on well-controlled animal studies that would benefit humans in the long run. But these studies would have to include at least two different animals or species to get the best results for creating new drugs. This legislation was approved after a big tragedy caused by the drug Thalidomide ( This drug was produced as a tranquilizer and painkiller, and was known as the "wonder drug" for how well it worked. But there was a drawback. Thalidomide caused deformities in the newborns of women who had taken it for morning sickness. Before it had been released, it was only tested on rodents. This tragedy had caused the FDA to crack down on the testing of drugs on other animal models to prevent problems like this in the future (


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